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Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure that the area on the bottom of the ATM’s safe is clean and free of oils, dirt, etc.
  2. Peel backing off of the double-sided tape from the bottom of the alarm.
  3. Place alarm in the center of the bottom of ATM and push firmly in place.
  4. Plug ATM power cord into back of the alarm. (Optional feature and only on BH2000 model.)
  5. Plug alarm power cord into a 110 Volt grounded power outlet. (Only on BH2000 model.)
  6. Select alarm settings.
  7. Turn on alarm.


The ATM Alarm Kit offered by Cardholder's Choice is an affordable protection of your investment.
Easily installed in any ATM we offer. If you are concerned about security, order the Alarm kit with your ATM.