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CHC package: $1575US*
8" Colour
Visa EPP EMV TDES Chip compliant
Thermal printer

 Support for:

  • De La Rue SDD1700
  • Puloon LCDM1000

Dial or electronic lock
W x D x H: 15.75" x 22.69"  x 56"
206 lbs UL291 vault

Genmega ATM Trade up ShellSince 2006 Genmega has been a manufacturer and provider of ATM and Transactional Kiosk solutions with well over 50,000 units deployed worldwide. cutting-edge engineering and modern designs which are not only easy to deploy and maintain but also invite customers and maximize your returns.

With the new cabinet design, Genmega is now able to accommodate the Talaris SDD 1700, a popular cassette mechanism known for its long life cycle.

As a result, you are now able to purchase a Genmega ATM without the cassette mechanism. This will allow businesses to update retail ATM estates to meet various regulation and certifications, Triple DES, ADA and PCI/Visa/Interac, for a low cost.

    Integrated Illuminated Sign

    • 8 inch diagonal 32-bit color Optional 10" and 10' Touch
    • Backlit TFT LCD panel
    • 800 x 480 WVGA
    • 8 Customizable Ad Screens
    • 56mm Thermal Receipt Printer
    • VISA/PCI and Interac Certified
    • Triple-DES (TDES) compliant EPP

    Cash Dispenser

    • 800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU)
    • 1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)
    • 1700 Note Removable Cassette (MCDU)
    • 2x1700 Note Multi-Cassette (MCDU)
    • Optional Support for:

      • De La Rue SDD
      • Puloon LCDM1000
    • TCPIP Ethernet connection – Onboard SSL


    • UL291 Business Hours Vault
    • Door Seam Reinforcement
    • Dial or Electronic Lock