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Genmega ATM Trade up ShellSince 2006 Genmega has been a manufacturer and provider of ATM and Transactional Kiosk solutions with well over 50,000 units deployed worldwide. cutting-edge engineering and modern designs which are not only easy to deploy and maintain but also invite customers and maximize your returns.


CHC package: $1575US*
8" Colour
Visa EPP EMV TDES Chip compliant
Thermal printer

 Support for:

  • De La Rue SDD1700
  • Puloon LCDM1000

Dial or electronic lock
W x D x H: 15.75" x 22.69"  x 56"
206 lbs UL291 vault

With the new cabinet design, Genmega is now able to accommodate the Talaris SDD 1700, a popular cassette mechanism known for its long life cycle.

As a result, you are now able to purchase a Genmega ATM without the cassette mechanism. This will allow businesses to update retail ATM estates to meet various regulation and certifications, Triple DES, ADA and PCI/Visa/Interac, for a low cost.