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Hyosung 1800

Discontinued see Halo Series
8" Colour screen standard.
Thermal paper
1000 note dispenser
Dial lock
W x D x H: 15.7" x 22.8" x 51.3"
Total height 65.3" with topper
265 lbs UL291 vault

Here is where we point out distinguishing characteristics and selling points of this model. We try to avoid regurgitating the manufacturer`s propanda verbatim. We try to point out features that stand out...


Cool: Keypad illuminates with blue light when you initiate a transaction. Then Cash tray illuminates with blue light to direct customer to pick up cash after dispense. Very high tech!


Upper portion slides out for easy service.

Press a key sequence to enter management functions

Extensive diagnostics and reports on screen

Cash dispensing unit is mounted on a sliding drawer for easy service

Metal construction 1000 note locking cash cassette

Includes topper sign as priced!

Solid and well built. Heaviest in its class.



Standard colour screen 16:9 ratio


A bit deeper than other models in its class: 22.8" vs 20" for Comnet 7100 and 16" of Tritons 9100/RL2000.

Nautilus Hyosung Inc. is owned by 6 billion dollar Hyosung Corp. of Korea. Strong sales of 14,000 ATMs annually North America. Formerly sold by Tranax under Cross brand, 7th year entering North American market direct. Over 30 years of experience in the industry, with proven technologies for ATMs and other self-service products.