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Triton RT2000 ATM
Triton RT2000 THW ATM

CHC package
10.4`colour as shown.
Includes Rear service panel.
550 note 2.5 note/second upgradeable
80mm printer with presenter.
Electronic lock
EMV "Chip" Card Reader
H x W x D: 63.6" x 29.7" x 20.5"
275 lbs varies with options

Comnet 1000 ATM in THW configurationComnet 1000 ATM
Shown with wall kit in THW install

CHC package
10.4`` colour screen standard.
GBM 1000 note dispenser
Fast 5 notes per second
Wide 80mm paper.
Dial  lock
H x W X D; 27.95```x13.58``x 24.48``
288 LBS


Hyosung NT2000 THW ATMHyosung NT2000 THW

CHC package

5.7`` mono screen
Includes rear service panel.
2000 note dispenser 
80mm printer with presenter.
Manual lock
H x W x D: 31.5" x 20" x 28.5"
283 lbs varies with options
Wall Thickness 4"~ 10"

One of our preferred manufacturers Cardholder's Choice is proud to offer a complete selection of Triton ATMs. With over 158,000 ATMs shipped to 24 countries worldwide, Triton is known for reliable and serviceable units. Thanks to superior engineering, Triton ATMs average less than one service call per year per ATM.