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The Dash 1600: environmentally controlled walkup ATM enclosure..   
  The DASH 1600 walkup enclosure is designed for placement between gas pumps, outside convenience stores, stadiums, campuses or any place where a high security enclosure is needed.

  Constructed of 10 gauge steel, equipped with the DASH exclusive high security locking system, two color paint scheme, 1/4" steel plate base for anchoring with ABS bolts rated at 10,000' each.

* Approximate weight:  850lbs

* 72"h x 36"w x 39"d

* Available w/Air Conditioning.

* Heater option

*1" insulation through out interior

*1 weather tight door on rear with 2 recessed key locks protected with non-drillable hard plate and high security hinges welded to frame and door.

* 2 x 20AMP circuits (one for lights and one for ATM)