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DataMax Modem

               No Phone lines

        Connect any ATM
Cancel your land lines and take your ATMs wireless: SAVE $ $ improves performance

DataMax Direct-Connect ATM Wireless Gateway

Military grade Motorolla Quad Band Radio. The unit has Ethernet port and Telephone jack for older dial up units.  Delivers stable connectivty to any processor inCanada with high speed SSL IP over cellular. Great choice if you want to take advantage of faster IP transaction available with Hyosung 1800CE and RL2000 etc.  

DataMax Direct-Connect ATM Wireless Gateway


· Built in signal strength and connectivity LEDs

· Compact size with easy mount magnetic based high gain antenna

· Huge 2-way 3G/4G data-plan included: secure, stable, high speed on Canada’s most robust network.

· No Overage fees EVER.   Other providers limit Data usage, charge extra for two way communication and charge $0.03 per transaction over monthly cap. DataMax has huge stable bandwidth, is always two way enabled with no transaction caps.                    

· DataMax exceeds PCI DSS Requirement 4 which mandates encryption of card holder data transmitted over public networks.

Surprisingly, major competitors use intermediate servers passing transaction data to processors raising concerns of violating Visa and PCI regulations regarding transmission of card holder data. Furthermore, that extra step slows processing and introduces service interruptions and non-wireless network related down times. DataMax is up when they are down.


* Note: for high speed TCI/IP SSL communication you will need ATM master password to configure your ATM for TCP/IP with DataMax settings provided in Quick Start Guide

** Optional redundant back up Available requires Dual SIMs and two Data-Plans. Unit will switch from Telus to Bell  or Rogers if Telus network goes down.

Proudly Canadian Proudly Canadian designed and Manufactured