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DPL whIP Internet Modem Specifications

Use a "straight Through" CAT5E Ethernet cable to Router or Switch. Most small networks use DHCP to dynamically assign IP addresses to their computers. The wHip uses DHCP and acts like a computer connected to the internet. No static IP set-up problems.

Dial in Interface: Central Office POTS Line, RJ-11,
                          2400 baud v.22bis
Protocols Supports:  VISA-2  Security encoding; Triple DES

Network Services: DHCP enables internet connection           
LED Indicators: Power, ATM, Link
Power:  115 VAC, 60Hz 9Vdc, 1A Power Adapter is included

Operating Temperature: -10 to 45ºC

Dimensions (h x w x d): 5.7” x 4.8” x 1.9”
Weight: 2.4lbs

Warranty: Two Years

Wireless or Internet modem kits
Every ATM we sell comes with a standard modem which operates over regular phone lines. You can eliminate the need for a phone line with our wireless or internet Modem Kits. Our Modem Kits work with all ATM makes and models tricking them into thinking they have dial tone. The monthly switching fees are often far less than monthly phone line costs. Transaction can be significantly faster. Unbeatable convenience, no waiting for Bell to install or service a phone line. You can move your ATM anywhere: just plug it in and bolt it down. (Internet service required for whIP). Month to month service: no long term contracts.