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Two way communications

Other models for no monthly fees (no two way communications)

Internet Modem Kit

Decrease your Costs, Increase your Profits
Use our plug and play internet whIP to make your Dial up ATM connect to the Internet. No need to buy high end ATM for IP, any dial up ATM can work on Internet with this simple device!

  1. Eliminate phone line installation costs
  2. No static IP required
  3. Reduce theft with security Module (optional)
  4. Triple Des secure communications
  5. Lower monthly cost than a phone line
  6. Unlimited transactions
  7. Decrease transaction time
  8. Enables the use of manufacturers software to manage your ATM’s
  9. No long term contracts required, month to month service
  10. Communication failure alerts via Text to Cell and Email (free)
  11. AC Disconnect Module (optional)
  12. Plug and Play IP ATM to IP
  13. WiFi can be used to eliminate cables
  14. No activation fee
  15. Free 24/7 365 Tech Support

Wireless or Internet modem kits

Newest models come equipped with Ethernet ports and SSL high speed capacity. No external box required.