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Used Refurbished ATMs

Cardholder`s Choice accepts trade-ins or periodically upgrades its fleet of placements. These ATMs are refurbished and sold in excellent working condition.
Buy with confidence

Newer models are far more capable than older refurbished units.

Be advised that older models have OLD processors and are SLOWER

We will stand behind any used ATM we sell

Yet we strongly recommend NEW equipment for any  location

Why Buy Used ATMs

At half the initial capital cost of new ATMs or less, many buyers found a used ATM met their needs.

Now the New Genmega G2500 renders used ATMs fully obsolete but salvages the best part of workhorse industry models.The cash dispesner from Triton 9600 Hyosung 1500s and many more.

 The new security software simply bogs down the older models upgradeed to take EMV Chip cards.  Avoid that problem and get attractive super fast reliable ATM using your csh dispenser.

The G2500 at less than $2000 gets you a fully compliant, upgradeable and all new ATM to run your good cash dispenser.