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Automated Banking Machine fees

Transaction charges
The Interac Association does not set or collect fees from you. However, financial institutions often charge a transaction fee for making a debit on your account. They may also charge you a fee when you use an ABM that is operated by another organization. Financial legislation regulates the setting and notice of these fees.

Interac Association does not set or regulate surcharge fees. However, Interac Association members may choose to apply a surcharge for transactions made using Interac services. A surcharge is a fee charged to you by the member responsible for the ABM. If a surcharge fee applies, it is in addition to any transaction fee charges you may pay your financial institution for using the Interac services. Interac Association maintains strict rules to ensure that surcharges are properly disclosed on the ABM screen. You are always presented with a screen indicating the surcharge fee amount. The transaction will only proceed if you accept the disclosed surcharge amount.