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Opening a Dial Lock

Opening a high security dial combination lock is as easy as counting 4-3-2-1. Left-Right-Left-Right. Default is 50-25-50

Turn the dial left (counterclockwise) at least four times to clear the lock.

1.. Start with "0" at 12 O'clock on the OPENING INDEX, Turn to the Left and pass the first number of the combination 3 times and stop exactly on the 4th time.

2.. Turn to the Right (clockwise) and pass the second number of the combination twice and stop exactly at 12 O'clock on the OPENING INDEX the third time.

3.. Turn to the Left and pass the third number of the combination once and stop exactly the second time.

4. Turn to the right as far as dial will go.. it will stop when and dead bolt is pulled back between 90 and 0.

5. Turn handle and open door.

To Lock, close door, turn handle and spin dial.

Common mistakes.
Don't count "full turns of the dial" the key thing is the number of times the number PASSES 12 O'clock.
Note: The first time a number pases 12 O'Clock is often only part of turn of the dial.

Going past the number and turning back to centre the number on 12 O'Clock. You have to start over...

Failing to turn the dial to the right after otherwise dialing the combination correctly.

Click here to see how to change the combination.