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Opening an Electronic Lock

See; Changing the combination on an electronic lock

Opening a high security electronic "touch key" is as easy as typing in your combination and rotating the dial
1) enter your 6 digit combination 1-2-3-4-5-6

You should hear a single beep and see the red LED flash once after each number is entered. Then you should hear two beeps and see two flashes when complete.

2) Turn entire keypad to the right and turn handle and open door.

3) To Lock, close door, turn handle and rotate dial back to 12 O'Clock.

If you enter wrong combination the lock will beep and flash 5-6 times. You have one more attempt in next 3-5 minutes.

If you enter wrong combination twice you will be locked out for 3-5 minutes. Lock will beep and flash once every 10-20 seconds. Leave it alone to re-set. Hitting buttons before it resets will extend lock out time. 
Common mistakes.

Going too fast and missing a number: it won't open so you start again. Only you missed a number last time so the first number you hit ipan class="style2">s taken as final number you are entering and unit beeps 5-6 times and flashes as you enter the rest of your number. Easy to lock yourself out this way. SOLUTION: slow down.

Failing to turn the dial to the right after otherwise dialing the combination correctly.