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Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Industry Background FAQ
        Deregulation in Canada
        Interac Network
        Inter-Member Network and fees

ATM Equipment FAQ
  See our ATM Selection Guide Pages
       ATM Size
       Cabinet Colour
       ATM design, Front Load Most common
       Rear Load
       Cash Capacity
       Cassette Type
       Screen size and Type
       Printer Type and paper Size
       Lock Type
       Surcharge Percentage: Ability to
       Topper Sign
  Opening a Dial Combination Lock
  Changing the combination on a Dial Lock
  Opening an Electronic lock
  Changing an Electronic lock combination

   See "Interac Network"
       See "Choosing the right The ISO"
       See "About US" page

How ATMs Work FAQ
        Anti-money Laundering
        Benefits of Having an ATM
        Cost of setting up an ATM
        Communication Options
        Settlement of vault cash
        Cash Filling and ATM Operations
        Summary of how buying an ATM works
        ATM Owner Interac Liability / Compliance
        ATM Fraud/ PIN Theft ATM owner liability
        Interac mandates upgrades
         Triple DES, EMV and new PCI.

        Cirrus Cross Border Transaction Fee