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Cash Filling and ATM operations

Many potential buyers shy away from cash filling an ATM because they have misconceptions about how easy it really is. Here is a quick summary:

$20 bills go into the cash cassette. It takes about 5 minutes to put cash in the cassette and program the ATM with how much cash you put in. The ATM owner has exclusive access to the secure vault. The money in the ATM is his and he can access it at any time.

When a card holder takes money out of the ATM, the Interac network takes cash from the cardholder's account and deposits it back into the ATM owner's designated bank account on a next business day basis.

The ATM owner can take a read off the ATM at any time to quickly check cash level. Also, CHC provides a secure web site so the ATM owner can remotely check cash levels and transaction history. Finally, monthly detail reports provide simple bank reconciliation.

Note that the the amount of cash left in the ATM at the end of the day equals the amount you put in less the amount dispensed. The amount dispensed settles into your designated bank account the next business day.

Deposits show in your account as "Online Services" or "Open Solutions" etc. depending on which switch we use to settle your ATM transactions.