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How much does it cost?

Cost of an ATM averages $3,000 +/- for a new ATM and as low as $999 for a used ATM.

Example of an ATM you load and operate on a cellular modem with a $1.50 surcharge.
Trans/mth 200 300 400 500
Revenue/mth $300 $450 $600 $750
Cell Service $40 $40 $40 $40
Profit/mth $260 $410 $560 $710
Annual Profit $3120 $4920 $6480 $8520

Shipping, Programming, Installation, Training, Set-Up and Service are all Included in CHC Package Pricing*


Taxes                        Sorry, the government must
                                  be paid. PST and GST extra

Electrical power       Nominal, about same as 100W bulb

Communication        Regular Phone, Cell or Internet
                                       $216+/-   and $50/mth
                                        $350   and $35/mth 
                                        $299   and $20/mth

Cash Filling               Not really a cost See Cash Filling
                                   Cash filling available for a fee

Insurance                  Typically covered on business policy.
                                    You should speak with your broker.

See "Benefits of an ATM"