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Fraud and ATM Owner Liability

Fraud: there are 2 general types of ATM fraud involving ATMs. The first being systems based (signal interception of transfer request or settlement banking information etc). This has been almost completely eliminated by sophisticated encryption and anti tamper technology.

The major concern is PIN theft. Typically, thief's attach inconspicuous card reading devices over the ATM card reader. This device captures the cardholder’s information and stores or transmits it to the thief, yet the ATM transaction proceeds unimpaired. A pin hole camera is used to record the PIN being entered. This information is used to clone cards and drain cardholder’s bank accounts. See UK Video depicting how scam works.

It is the ATM owner's responsibility to take reasonable precautions to prevent PIN theft. One avenue is displaying the "Protect Your Pin" decal which CHC supplies free of charge. The other is to be on the look out for foreign objects or tampering with our ATMs.

Your secure environment almost certainly eliminates this risk. In any case, should fraud occur liability rests with Interact so long as we are in compliance with all regulations. Namely that we display “Protect Your Pin” decals on all ATMs and inspect them regularly for tampering.