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ATM Owner Interac Liability

Regarding your questions about transaction liability:

Interac warrants all transactions for its cardholders. All funds are handled exclusively through their network and we never have access to the cardholder’s funds. Should the ATM fail to dispense the requested amount, the system is designed credit the cardholder automatically.

Ex. You ask for $100 and get only $80 (perhaps the last bill jammed in the ATM). The ATM signals Interac and a credit is issued for the $20. The receipt shows amount requested as $100, amount dispensed as $80. A message is printed reading “amount dispensed is amount taken from your account”.

We can “see” the transaction online from our office to verify reversal and the ATM stores an electronic journal record as back up.

Should a dispute occur, the ATM owner may be required to submit a copy of the journal record for the transaction. If the ATM cannot produce the journal record, Interac will err on the side of the cardholder and debit funds from ATM owner's settlement account. CHC trains its ATM owners to manage the journal and avoid this rare occurrence.