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What are the benefits of having an ATM?

  • ATM’s eliminate busy pay point tie ups

  • eliminate credit risk.

  • ATM customers spend an average of 20 to 25% more than non-ATM customers.

  • Reduce Cost of accepting debit: Many businesses are charged up to $0.15 per debit transaction

  • Reduce Bank fess for cash deposits when you load your $20 bills into ATM they deposit electronically into your bank account with no fees.

  • ATMs can generate significant profits

What are my costs to own an ATM?

Cost of an ATM averages $3,400 +/- $200 for a new ATM and as low as $1400 for a reliable refurbished (Limited availability) 

Shipping, Programming, Installation, Training, Set-Up and Service are all Included in CHC Package Pricing*

Taxes >                       Sorry, the government must be paid.

Electrical power >       Nominal, about same as 100W bulb, regular 120V outlet.

Communication >    Ideally you can use your high speed internet for free.
Optional cellular ATM modems are available for monthly fee of $27

ATMs can use regular phone lines but they must be dedicated so
cost and slow speed make this the last choice.

Cash Filling               Not really a cost See Cash Filling
                                   Cash filling services are available for a fee

Insurance                  Typically covered on business policy. 
                                    You should speak with your broker.

When do I get my float cash loaded into ATM back?

Settlement of dispensed vault cash and surcharge fees are processed and paid next business day (excluding bank holidays).

ATM Settlement deposits are made up of transactions between 9pm EST and 9PM EST.

Monday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Tuesday
Tuesday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Wednesday
Wednesday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Thursday
Thursday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Friday
Friday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Monday 
Saturday Transactions to 9PM  >
                    Posted to account on Monday
Sunday Transactions to 9PM >
                    Posted to account on Monday

   A Day Close at the ATM does not determine settlement deposits. Unlike many Debit POS systems.

How do I order wholesale?

We sell all our ATMs on a cost plus tiny markup for administrative costs and accompanied with a transactions processing contract. We make money processing transactions so we do not wholesale ATMs without Transactions Processing contracts.

If you are an ATM Deployer or ISO contact us about joining The ATM Support Alliance of Processionals and processing under our Direct Connection ATM Management arm. You will be surprised at our generous rates and we are Credit Card certified for all cards.

Any other questions?

Call or email us. 1-877-571-2867 thats 1-877-571-ATMs