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Free ATM or Own: Whats best for you?

Cardholder's Choice offers a complete range of ATM options; The best choice is often for you to own your own ATM.

You maximize the benefits of having an ATM and operating it yourself is really quite easy with our expert training and support.

You will receive 100% of your ATM surcharge revenue and set the fee you wish to charge. All Deposits are automatic Next business day no charge electronic deposits: next business day automatic settlement. We offer superior service through Interac certified processors with most wide card acceptance possible in Canada: Domestic and Foreign credit cards included. No hidden fees.

Buy with confidence from CHC! Here is where we make it really easy for you. We offer a price guarantee: we won't be undersold.
We can also offer a buy back guarantee. We will buy back the your new ATM (usually within 6 months of purchase) for what you paid less revenues generated i it just doesn’t work out for you. So, if the ATM doesn't work out in your location you are not out anything.

If you already own an ATM and need to upgrade we will offer a trade-in or upgrade certain ATMs with a new Shell using your refurnished cash dispenser!
Free Placement   
Many ATM companies strongly push locations to accept hassle free turnkey FREE ATMs. They often share a portion of the profits with the location. But make no mistake this can be very profitable for the ATM company. In most cases it is far better to own your ATM.

We always recommend what is in your best long term interest so we can be you long term ATM partner. That being said, if you don’t want to take the reins we can gladly supply a Free ATM Placement to qualifying high traffic potential locations. Before we go that you should take a look at some our promotional programs which may make you reconsider.

Doug Lawson