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An ATM is a valuable customer service which is in high demand by Canadian consumers.

ATMs can eliminate busy pay points.

ATMs free staff time allowing them to focus on customers.

ATMs put cash in customer's hands
increased sales.

Floor mounted Walk-up or Lobby ATMs take less than 4 square feet of retail space.

Colour screen option allows Advertizing and promotional opportunities.

Reliable, no headaches from Cardholder's Choice!
 Many site owners are interested in profiting by offering an ATM as a service to their customers.
 However, they may not be interested in the daily operations or the investment in time and money.

Cardholder's Choice can provide qualifying sites with a FREE ATM.

  There are 2 programs available under which you may qualify for a FREE ATM Placement in your location.

Turnkey Program
  No investment required. We supply the ATM for free and take care of all aspects of the ATM operations. You share in the profits and benefit from offering an ATM to your customers. Only select sites qualify.
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Partnership Program
  Some involvement required. We supply the ATM for free and you participate in the daily operations. You get a greater share of the profits for your commitment but still avoid the cost to buy the ATM. Many more sites will qualify for a partial placement.
Click here to see the numbers in our Proforma

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