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Triton ATMs are a major part of our FREE Placement fleet. 

Reliable, no headaches from Cardholder's Choice!

Signing up for a Free ATM from Cardholder's Choice is quick and easy.

Free ATM Next Steps

To get your Free ATM going here is paper work we need:
Returned to rep or faxed to us  1.866.264.1176
  Contact us and we can forward you the appropriate paper work. Often, an on site inspection is required.

Here is what you need on site to complete installation:

  ATM requires a regular electrical outlet and a phone line, Wireless Cellular or Internet modem. Electrical power is always the responsibility if the site. Communications may be your or our responsibility depending on what revenue sharing deal we agree to.

Less than 4 square feet of space*.

About 30-60 minutes on site and you are up and running. Delivery usually in 3 to 6 business days.
Call Now for no risk, no obligation consultation.

             Contact us in Ontario at 1-877-571-ATMS (2867)
               or e-mail us at