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You profit most if you own and operate the ATM.

NH2700CE new ATM great deal with big features, small price

We deliver and install your ATM

We train you and provide free support and service.

Free Paper.

Free Processing

Free web monitoring

Lets look at some Conservative numbers for average site:

- 3% to 5% of customer traffic likely to use an ATM. Lets use just 2%.
- Say you have 250 people per day with access to ATM.
- Use 4% of that to est. transactions = 5 transactions per day or 150 per month.
- 150 x $3.00 surcharge = $450 or times 12 = $4500 annually

          Bottom line profits. Click here to review a detail Proforma spread sheet.

More About Buying an ATM

If you don't have high speed internet service or available phone lines in you location  OR it's too much of a cost and hassle to run cables: the optional high speed cellular modem is a great choice.

The monthly cellular service is deducted from your surcharge revenue and is less than the cost of a phone line or High Speed Internet service and you get the advantage of super fast SSL 5-6 second transactions!

Your ATM Processing Agreement with us delivers free support and transaction processing. It stipulates the surcharge rate you choose to charge and that 100% of surcharge collected goes to your designated bank account on a next business day basis.

Optional deductions to pay for cellular service are also specified in this agreement. You get free web mon and monthly summary reports via e-mail. Receipt paper is free as is service and limited warranty**

Full warranty plans available.

Call Now you may qualify for special incentives related to Interac upgrades or Marketing promotions.

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*Some foreign card issuers deduct a Cross Border Transaction fee from the surcharge we request. This is less affects less than 2% of transactions on average. 

**The only caveat is that your site must meet our minimum monthly threshold to qualify for free service and warranty. We will never just start charging you. If, however, your site is low volume averaging say a hundred transactions a month or so after the factory warranty has expired, we reserve the right to charge wholesale cost on parts and reasonable service fees.

 We can set lower volume sites up with extended warranty programs for a monthly fee or flat $750 one time charge for 5 year coverage.