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ATM Product Selection Guide Pages. Cardholder's Choice helps you choose the right ATM. Have a look at the list of common ATM attributes in the column below on the left. We stand behind every model we sell New or Refurbished ATMs. See our Top Picks Page for a quick look at the best value, most common ATMs. 

Click on one of the common attributes to consider when choosing an ATM model and see the recommendations and discussion appear in the column on the right.

All ATMs sold by Cardholder's Choice have either dial up modems or Ethernet Ports to connect to Interac Shared Cash Dispensing Network included.

The ATM operator must provide communications with Interac

There are 3 options:
1. A dedicated regular phone line 
2. High Speed internet access.
3. A cellular modem such as DataMax*

1. Teleohone line

Normally that means a Bell Business Line since most ATMs are located in businesses and Bell is the primary provider of phone services. Of course, any alternative carrier will do.

The line should be clean and have no voice mail, call waiting or other special features. It is best if the line is dedicated to the ATM as sharing with a fax or debit terminal can cause interference with transaction processing.

2. High Speed Internet service

Typically Rogers or Bell but preferably not DSL and Not WiFi.

3. DataMax Direct Connect Wireless (cellular) units

Capable of connecting "dial-up" (older ATMs) and also TCP/IP high speed internet through an ethernet port.

Now there is a wireless alternative from Cardholder's Choice which work with any ATM we sell and cost less than a regular phone line.*

            DataMax Direct Connect Wireless Gateway
DataMax Direct-Connect Wireless ATM Gateway