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Cash Capacity
How much cash an ATM can hold is determined by the cash Dispenser options available on the make you purchase.
Most ATMs have 1000 note or $20,000 capacity.
Note that the average cash fill of a merchant loaded ATM is $2000 to $5,000 (See Cash Filling).

Typically ATMS have a 1000 note cash cassette capacity: thats 1000 x $20 bills or $20,000. Even the 4000W has a 500 note of $10,000.  Clearly sufficient for most  for all but the highest volume sites.

Related to cash capacity is the capacity to hold rejected bills. Rejected bills are diverted to a tray, bin or cassette. A properly loaded and maintained cash dispenser will reject a small percentage of bills, diverting them to the reject bin, tray or cassette. If the cash quality or load is poor or the cash dispenser is dirty and requires maintenance, the reject rate can climb. A small reject capacity will put that ATM out of service sooner. 

These days, even the smallest cassette has plenty of capacity for the majority of sites, the Cash Cassette Type is perhaps a more important factor in selecting which ATM is best for you.

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