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Cash Cassette Type
Many buyers do not really take the time to consider the type of Cash Cassette in the the ATM they buy. Since the ATM operator will be loading cash into the cassette as frequently as daily, it can be an important consideration.

The Hyosung 1520 comes with a 1000 note all metal locking cassette with a spring loaded gear guided packer plate. The Comnet 7100 also has a 1000 note locking cassette including a built in motor driven picking mechanism for really high speed dispenses. This cassette is a bit heavier than most.

The direct drive feed motor built into the cassette of the Comnet 7100 helps deliver the super fast 5 note per second dispenser rate. This added speed may be a factor in your decision.

The Triton TDM series have locking cassettes of plastic construction and separate locking removable reject cassettes. 2.5 Notes per second.

The DeLaRue SD1700 dispenser available as an option on Triton RL2000 and RL5000 used Triton 9600 and Greenlink ATMs has a metal cassette with an integrated reject tray which requires a loading tray to operate.

The DeLaRue Minimech dispenser available as an option on Triton 9100, RL2000 and RL5000 and Greenlink
ATMs has a non-locking metal cassette with an integrated reject tray. If your ISO doesn't know this unit, it can be troublesome. We know how to service the sensors to get fantastic reliable results with the Minimech.

The Tranax 1700 base model is the only ATM we offer with a non-removable cash tray: it has no cassette to take out and load. The advantage is one less step in the cash fill cycle. Some ATM operators dislike this feature.
The Tranax 1700 can be ordered with an optional 1000 note removable cash cassette.

Most other models have removable Cash Cassettes with locks requiring a key to open.
Exception: Tidel 3100, Triton with DeLaRue Minimech dispenser option and Used Triton Mako. No locks on cash cassettes.

Remember, even the smallest cassette has plenty of capacity for the majority of sites. Do you need a locking cassette or no cassette? Pick the appropriate ATM configuration.

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