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ATM Design: Most common is Front loading - also called Lobby  or Walk-up ATMs.

ATMs are bolted to the floor with 4, 4 1/2" x 1/2" stainless steel lag bolts. Front door opens and cash is loaded from the front. A key opens cover panel and a high security lock is mounted on the vault.

All the ATMs CHC features have UL291 Business Hours rated vaults* ranging in weight from a low of 126lbs for Triton 9100 to a solid 198lbs for a Comnet 7100 and a high of 269lbs for a Hyosung 1520.

(*exception is discontinued Triton 8100 which not UL291 rated at only 90lbs).

Optional UL291 Level 1 (750lbs+) vaults are available on some models but are not in much demand. Add approx $1500 in cost.

Apart from "looks", a key differentiation in design between front loading models are how the top fascia opens and whether the the cash dispenser is mounted on a sliding tray or drawer.

Triton ATMs have hinged upper Fascias which allow access to printer, circuit boards and re-set buttons by swinging forward.

Hyosung, Comnet, Tranax and Greenlink have sliding drawer top fascias allowing better access to these parts for service.

To shave costs, some manufacturers mount the cash dispenser on a fixed shelf eliminating the sliding tray or drawer (Triton 8100 and 9100). The sliding tray provides ease of service and convenience for maintenance.

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