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Hyosung's New Halo series ATMs offer Digital paperless receipts using QR codes for smart phone users. They simply snap a picture of teh QR code displayed on screen!

All ATMs sold by Cardholder's Choice have thermal printers. No ink or ribbons to replace. They are all very dependable. Receipt paper is supplied to ATM owners by CHC for Free as part of our standard processing contracts.

The points of differentiation between printer options are;

  • Paper Width
  • Cutter Type
  • Presenter Feature
  • Ease of Loading

Wider paper on higher grade models offers superior options for couponing and customer messaging.We supply paper for FREE to our customers. We can supply paper for most makes of ATMs.

The standard cutter slices off receipt which falls down the chute so customer can take it. If customer fails to take the receipt there is a risk next receipt can jamb on it.

Tab Cutter: Triton has moved to a Tab cutter which leaves the receipt attached by a tab. Customer must pull to tear off their receipt. If customer pulls prior to tab being cut, risk of paper jambs.

Presenter: A printer with a presenter cuts receipt and and pushes it out for customer to take. Eliminates jambs.
Comnet 7100 and 1000, Hyosung 1520 and Triton RL5000 all have presenters as standard.

Ease of loading: The easiest printers to load are the ones with presenters. They have guides which auto detect paper insert, pull in receipt paper, print, cut and present a test receipt when you load paper.
Comnet 7100 and 1000, Hyosung 1520 and Triton RL5000 all have presenters as standard and are easiest to load paper.

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