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ATM Rear loading - Lobby, Walk-up ATM or Drive Through ATMs

Rear loading ATMs are also available from several manufacturers.

The only floor mounted rear loading ATM now available is the NH2700-T
The discontinued Triton 9600 series used to have a rear load option.

The other rear loading model CHC offers is the Genmega GT3000 Through The Wall ATM. The Triton RT2000 and Hyosung 2100T as well as the Comnet 1000 have all been discontinued.  These ATMs are mounted in an opening in a wall. They can be ordered weatherized for exterior access. Some models can be mounted for Drive-Through applications.

Cardholder's Choice no longer offers pre-fabricated exterior enclosures for Walk-up ATM or Drive Through ATM installations. Except for special orders. Costs $15,000 to $45,000+ make these prohibitive.


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