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ATM Size

Space is often at a premium in retail environments. The size of your ATM is thus an important consideration in determOverhead view of ATM layoutining which make and model is best for you.

Width: All our front loading indoor ATM are similar in width. Most are from 16" to 18.5" wide.

Height: Some locations have wall signage or features they do not want blocked by the ATM. The height without a topper varies from 49" for Triton 9100/RL2000 to 54"+ for Hyosung.

Depth: This can be important for Fire regulations and clearance in halls etc. The depth of ATMs we offer ranges from 16" for Triton 9100/RL2000, 18.8" for Comnet 7100,  24" for Hyosung 1520 and Comnet 1000 to a maximum of 33" for RL5000.

The NH4000W wall mounted ATM is only 8.7" deep with an innovative side mounted dispenser.

Clearance: keep in mind that your ATM door must swing open to allow access for cash filling. You can usually get away with leaving 6" on hinge side to allow door to open 90º.

Hinge side: All our front loading lobby ATMs have hinges on the left front side. Doors open to the left.

Handicap access: Illustration is for typical US regulations. Canadian regulations vary by municipality.

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