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Ability to surcharge a percentage of withdrawal amount.
Some ATM deployments require the ability to charge a variable surcharge. All models we sell have this ability

Example 1: Adult Entertainment clubs frequently charge 5% or even 10% surcharges on all withdrawals.

Example 2: Interac regulations state that private ATMs must allow for a maximum withdrawal of up to $400. The average withdrawal is $60. Many ATM operators are tempted to violate this regulation and lower the maximum withdrawal so one or two customers are not able to drain their ATM of cash. Alternately, they simply wish to stretch the time between fills to reduce costs.

i.e. set the surcharge to $1.50 or 1% whichever is greater. Surcharge on $20 to $140 withdrawals will be $1.50. Surcharge on $160 withdrawal will be $1.60, $200 will be $2 and $400 will be surcharged $4. ATM Operator risks loosing some transactions as customers decline surcharge on larger withdrawals. At least customers have the option to take out larger amount rather than simply having their requests rejected by a lower maximum withdrawal setting. With this Triton exclusive feature Its worth it for ATM operators to allow larger withdrawals.
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