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Every ATM we sell comes with a transaction processing and service contract with Cardholder's Choice. Its Free: its how we make money!

We deal with Tier One Interac Certified Transaction Processors. We are in the business of Acquiring ATM transactions.


Existing ATM owners are pleasantly surprised that we can take over the servicing and support of their ATM for FREE*. Often, they eliminate monthly "processing fees" and increase their profits!

We make money from the "back-end". The cardholder's Bank pays us to acquire the transaction. 100% of the Surcharge charged by the ATM owner goes to him: No deductions!

* Not intended to solicit ATM owners currently under contract.

Cardholder's Choice is in the ATM Transaction Acquiring business.
                                                               FREE ATM Transaction Processing!

You will receive 100% of your ATM surcharge income on straight purchase deals without the miscellaneous deductions that other ATM companies like to charge. All Deposits are automatic Next business no charge day electronic deposits: no holding your  money EVER. We offer superior service through Interac certified processors. No hidden fees.

The Right ISO: Independent Service Organization

 Whether you are Buying an ATM or accepting a Free Placement, who you partner with is a big part of the decision.

You need to be comfortable with the organization who will be supporting you for years to come.

Cardholder's Choice is a family owned ISO: independent Service Organization.  Industry lingo for ATM supplier.

What makes us different is our business philosophy. We do not  seek to make our money on the equipment sale itself. We sell at wholesale and our prices are second to none.

The ATM itself is a means to an end and that end is to generate transactions through Interac approved cash withdrawals. 

In 2006 Canadians used ATMs 1.2 Billion times*.

Cardholder's Choice has a solid base of satisfied customers mainly in Ontario, Canada. We may not be the only choice, but you can't afford not to consider us. Call now 1-877-571-ATMS (2867) or e-mail us at for a no risk consultation.

*Canadian Banking Association