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 Internet fast, secure
Must be wired Ethernet not Wi-Fi

Dial up phone line is an option
Must be dedicated line
Costly and slower

Secure Fast Cellular is great option

ATMs must connect to Interac to process transactions;

Every new ATM we sell comes with high speed TCPIP Ethernet ports and  a standard modem which operates over regular phone lines.

Older models (used or refurnished) may be dial up only.


* High Speed TCPIP is preferred communication method.  Wi-Fi will not work: must be connected with Ethernet Cable to your router.

Phone line is an option; The line should be clean and have no voice mail, call waiting or other special features. It is best if the line is dedicated to the ATM as sharing with a fax or debit terminal can cause interference with transaction processing.

Cellular Modems are a great option: You can locate your ATM flexibly with no need to run cables. Our units provide secure high speed TCPIP TLS 1.2 secure transaction processing. The can even provide cellular dial up for older refurbished models.