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Wireless or Internet modem kits
Every ATM we sell comes with a standard modem which operates over regular phone lines. You can eliminate the need for a phone line with our wireless or internet Modem Kits. Our Modem Kits work with all ATM makes and models tricking them into thinking they have dial tone. The monthly switching fees are often far less than monthly phone line costs. Transaction can be significantly faster. Unbeatable convenience, no waiting for Bell to install or service a phone line. You can move your ATM anywhere: just plug it in and bolt it down. (Internet service required for wHip). Month to month service: no long term contracts.


All ATMs sold by Cardholder's Choice have dial up modems and software to connect to Interac Shared Cash Dispensing Network included.

The ATM operator must provide communications with Interac and that means a regular phone line. Normally that means a Bell Business Line since most ATMs are located in businesses and Bell is the primary provider of phone services. Of course, any alternative carrier will do.

The line should be clean and have no voice mail, call waiting or other special features. It is best if the line is dedicated to the ATM as sharing with a fax or debit terminal can cause interference with transaction processing.

The only alternative used to be a dedicated lease line costing hundreds of dollars per month. This provided fast transaction times eliminating dial up time waits but requires ATM with special modems and software. Now there are two alternative from Cardholder's Choice which work with any ATM we sell and cost less than a regular phone line.*