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A typical store or bar owner will likely load their ATM with $2000 to $5000 in $20 bills taken from their daily cash deposits.

Many owners simple get cash from their local Bank ATM. You can request a $4,000 withdrawal limit on your debit card.

You may need to phone your branch and give a couple days notice if you want to pick up larger amounts of $20 bills.

The vault cash to load your ATM is not an expense. The money simple recirculates from your ATM to your bank account.

The total of the monies dispensed are automatically settled into the cash filler's account next business day.

Your vault cash at any given time will be the total of   1) cash in ATM +   2) Cash deposited into your account +   3) cash waiting for 9PM EST to settle into your bank account.

How Much cash do I need to load in ATM?

Many ATM owners load their ATM daily. Some prefer to stock the ATM up with enough cash to run unattended for several days. The table below illustrates  how much cash is required for various transaction volumes.

Trans/mth 120 200 300 400
Trans/day  4  7 10 13
Ave $ per withdrawal  $60  $60  $60  $60 
Daily Cash dispensed $240 $420 $600 $780
Recommended Cash fill*  $1000  $1000 $1800 $2000

The average cash withdrawal is $60.
That is across thousands of ATMs.
The maximum is $400 per withdrawal and the minimum is $20.
Note that 98% of all ATMs we sell are single cassette dispensing only $20 bills.

The recommendation above are based on the average withdrawals. On some days the ATM may require a "top up" which takes about 5 minutes.

Note: if we load your ATM, we put in a minimum weekly or bi-weekly amount. Thus we need to come up much more capital to load your ATM which means added costs. It is much more profitable and efficient if you load your own ATM.