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Subject to site approval

Factors considered in approval process include:
Most ATM owners load their own ATMs with Cash. However, in some cases they seek a third party to load their ATM on their behalf.  Cardholder's Choice can load the cash in your ATM for you! 

Some conditions apply. See Below.

Cash Filling Services provided by CHC

Whether you buy your ATM or qualify to have Cardholder's Choice Place a FREE ATM in your location, we can load the cash for you.

Cost per transaction varies with Transaction Volume.

$0.70 per transaction  to 300 transactions per month
       as low as
$0.55 Per transaction  certain high volume locations

Minimum 6 month service contract. Cancelation of 30 day written notice.
Actual cost subject to site approval and quotation. Figures provided as a guideline only. Lower or higher  rates may be apply in your area, Cash filling services may not be available in all areas.

CHC or its appointed contractors require exclusive access to vault.
We also take care of receipt paper filling and general maintenance.

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