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Your ATM settles daily at 9PM EST and the funds dispensed are automatically direct deposited into your designated bank account next business day.

You do not have to do any operations (Day Close etc) to settle ATM.

We recommend that you perform a Day Close every time to add cash.

Its easy to balance your ATM with cassette close reports from ATM.

We also provide monthly detail reports.

You also have access to live reporting on the web at our secure web site.

Private ATMs operate on the Inter-Member Network operated by Interac.
Most any card will work (provided the back of the card sports the network logos supported in Canada). The system checks the cardholder's account, provides the ATM approval to dispense and receives confirmation from the ATM once dispense is complete. If dispense fails, the system will reverse the request automatically.

The total of the monies dispensed are automatically settled into the cash filler's account as described below.

ATM Settlement Timeline

Settlement of dispensed vault cash and surcharge fees are processed and paid next business day (excluding bank holidays).

Depending on your operational needs, the fees can be sent either to your management company or directly to other stake holders.

ATM Settlement deposits are made up of transactions between 9pm EST and 9PM EST.

Monday                Transactions from 9PM Sunday to 9PM Monday                 - Posted to account on Tuesday
Tuesday               Transactions from 9PM Monday to 9PM Tuesday               - Posted to account on Wednesday
Wednesday         Transactions from 9PM Tuesday to 9PM Wednedsay        - Posted to account on Thursday
Thursday              Transactions from 9PM Wednesday to 9PM Thursday       - Posted to account on Friday
Friday                    Transactions from 9PM Thursday to 9PM Friday                   - Posted to account on Monday
Saturday               Transactions from 9PM  Friday to 9PM Saturday                   - Posted to account on Monday
Sunday                 Transactions from 9PM  Saturday to 9PM Sunday                - Posted to account on Monday

Settlement to non-Bank of Montreal accounts is guaranteed in 48 hours. As a rule of thumb its next business day.

A Day Close at the ATM does not determine settlement deposits. Unlike many Debit POS systems.

You have the option to have deposits held until they exceed a minimum amount. We can even hold all deposits and have a lump sum deposited at the end of the month. Note: we do not hold your funds or have access to them. The Interac Shared Cash dispensing Network controls your funds and deposits them as directed to designated bank accounts.