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    Other Tips
Many operators take cash cassette out of ATM and load in the privacy of their office.

Some c-store owners discretely lock door and quickly load ATM with no customers around.

Count your cash fill prior to opening vault.

You can check cash position of ATM at the ATM anytime, or Online via our secure web site.

Print a "Trial cassette close" report and keep the receipt in cash drawer. Report confirm amount loaded into ATM for your records.

Perform a Test Dispense in diagnostic menu right after you add cash. Confirms ATM is loaded for proper operation.

Loading cash is easy. Vault cash float you put in ATM is deposited next day into your bank account.

Cash Filling Tips

Regular circulation grade bills are fine. You do not need to request "new" bills. If the bill has tears, has been taped together or washed repeatedly: do not use. Otherwise, regular bills are likely fine.

Prior to inserting bills into the cash cassette in the ATM;

 * Fan bills to remove any loose objects, pocket lint etc.

 * If cupped (often caused when bundles with elastic bands),
      alternate 1/2"piles back to front to stagger the cupping.

 * Remove any elastic bands, paper clips or banding.