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ATM Site Selection
Perhaps the most critical component of successfully operating an ATM in Canada is the site itself. Just as in Real Estate, its all about Location, Location, Location. ATMs are popping up in more and more locations as the cost of ATM equipment comes down. The lower cost of equipment makes many smaller traditional and other novel locations attractive profit centres. Below are some examples.

Facility Type

Convenience Store
Gas Station
Bar / licensed establishment
Grocery Store
Rec & Sports Complex
Adult Entertainment
Bingo Hall
Dry Cleaner
Laundry mat
Amusement Park
Educational Institution (High School or College etc.)
Bowling Alley
Office Building (ideally with cafeteria)
Hospital or Medical facility
Golf Course (ideally with lounge and banquet facility)
Hotel (ideally with lounge and banquet facility)
Special Events: may be worth while to put an ATM in for a weekend.

This list is not comprehensive as many other locations are equally suitable. Be creative! Then Call Cardholder's Choice to be your ATM solutions partner.