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Upgrade Now and get new ATM

If you already have an ATM that is getting old in the tooth: give us call about our upgrade trade in program. REBATES available now.
*Not intended to solicit processing under existing contacts.

Example case:
A bar which owns and loads their own ATM doing 500 transactions per month on average.
Under a processing  contract with another ISO: typical term 5 years.
ATM is a Triton 9100 without TDES key pad and no EMV card reader. Good working order but getting "old".
Must upgrade to comply with Interac requirements at a cost of $950 to $1350.


CHC Upgrade Trade in Program: Purchase a brand new Hyosung NH1800SE with colour screen, custom graphics, topper and fully Interac compliant: option to process secure high speed 4-5 second transactions through SSL internet connection eliminates slow costly phone line.

Cost: $3400 for new equipment from CHC.
Rebate: $2400 after 12 months in this example.
Trade in: $1000*
Net Cost: NIL.
And you have a state of the art NEW ATM!

Current ATM owners are responsible for pre-existing contracts. Only sites whose contract terms have ended and have advised previous processing company in writing of intent to cancel services (prior to automatic renewal or end of term as applies) may qualify.

* Trade in varies with model and condition of ATM