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ATM is out of service Card Reader

Quick links to FAQs and how to fix common error conditions

900001 -Card Reader error

Open top of ATM 

With ATM open standing on Right side of ATM (see pictures below for ease of access to card reader)

Insert and remove repeatedly card reader cleaner and look closely at card reader.

There is a spring loaded sensor that detects inserted card at rear of card reader

There are 9 brass or silver spring loaded pins on underside of card reader that read the chip.

Action: Unplug and re-seat cables. Reboot ATM (card reader will initialize during boot process may reset error)

Comments: Usually a piece of debris is obstructing reader

Card reader can easily be removed with a Phillips "star" head screwdriver for closer inspection 

Most blockages can be cleared without removing card reader 

Flashlight may be helpful 

Alcohol soaked Cotton swap or microfiber cloth to clean contacts if you don’t have Chip reader cleaning cards.



CHIP Card Reader

Metal cover protects circuit board on top. 4 “star” Phillip screws secure reader into ATM plus a grounding wire which all must be removed to take out reader.

Remove / pull out wire


Clean CHIP pins

Turn over to examine CHIP reader pins..


2 rows of 4 brass spring loaded pins read CHIP on card. 1 pin at rear detects card inserted in reader.

MAG reader at front is not used for CHIP transactions.


NH2700 Model

Remove screw and pivot open front for easy access to card reader.


NH1500-1800 etc

Pull top forward to easily access card reader for service.