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Cardholder's Choice is a family owned ISO: Independent Service Organization.  Industry lingo for ATM supplier. We have a lot to offer and are on a 20th Anniversary mission to grow! We manage and own close to 450 ATMs with the majority site owned and long term customers.

 We don't claim to be the largest as most of our competitors seem to (and they all can't all be the industry leading, largest and fastest growing that they claim to be can they?). The plain fact that we are NOT the largest ISO coupled with our customer first philosophy allows us to consistently deliver on our promise.

Cardholder's Choice has a solid base of satisfied customers mainly in Ontario, Canada. We may not be the only choice, but you can't afford not to consider us.

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Our Business

ATM Automated Teller Machine sales, service,   Transaction Processing and ATM management. Including cash filling and Free ATM placements. Whether you are Buying an ATM or accepting a Free Placement, who you partner with is a big part of the decision.

ATM Support Alliance of Professionals |ASAP
Independent ATM ISOs join us to aggregate their translation and purchasing volumes. We provide parts, back office support, higher interchange and lower prices. Members support each other cooperatively making our service network second to none.

Direct Connection ATM Management| DCAM
Our management arm which holds the master processing contracts with Tier 1 Interac certified processors. We aggregate transactions volumes and deliver widest range of card acceptance as we pay for all annual fees and maintain network accreditation for all credit card and international networks.
Visa |Mastercard |American Express |Union Pay |Pulse |Cirrus |Star

DataMax Direct Connection Wireless ATM Modems| DataMax
Our wireless ATM communications distribution company with ISO clients nationwide.


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Our principals have been involved in the White label ATM industry since its 1997 deregulation in Canada.
Former distributors for one of the major brand named white labels; we have installed close to 1000 ATMs across Ontario of all makes and models.

As the network of installed ATMs grew we found a tiered level of service developed where only the large volume clients received attention. Many clients were neglected and punitive contracts trapped them in unfavorable deals with suppliers who didn't value their business.

We have taken a different path with a customer focused commitment. 

What makes us different is our business philosophy. We do not  seek to make our money on the equipment sale itself. We sell at wholesale and our prices are second to none. The ATM itself is a means to an end and that end is to generate transactions through Interac approved cash withdrawals.  Fairness, Service and Value are the cornerstones of our approach. Customer loyalty is a very important building block of our ATM business.

We look forward to serving your needs. 

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