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So you already have an ATM and are wondering what CHC can do for you.

So you have an ATM

Do you have a Major Bank ATM in your store? Usually you get a flat rent from the Bank and are missing out of a huge potential revenue source. Contact us for a free assessment of revenue potential.

If you’ve had an ATM for awhile: Many ATMs were deployed in the last 20 years and CHC can often be of great service to their owners or the location owners.

Older equipment can be slow and unreliable or prone to breakdown. Long transaction times turn customers away and clunky equipment does not encourage confidence.

ATM Providers years ago often failed to advise site owners how easy it is to operate and cash fill an ATM. You may not be making fair returns for your ATM or you may be stuck with an obsolescent aging unit.


Do you have one of these dinosaurs?

Its time to upgrade


Good machine in its day.. 10 years ago!

It may be time to upgrade.



Unlikely to keep running much longer on 20 year old technology


Own your ATM

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Cardholder’s Choice is happy to work with you and provide an ATM quickly, reliably with an ATM deal suited to your situation.

Not intended to solicit business under existing contract.

Most ATM processing contracts are for 5 year periods with renewal periods. You need to advise your provider in writing that you wish to see a copy of your current contract and cancel in writing if you wish to switch providers.