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So you have a busy location and are looking for an ATM

An ATM can be a profit centre, customer service and valuable addition to most Ontario Businesses. Bars and busy retail locations avoid pay point tie ups and fees and they gain increased sales as clients spend more with cash in their wallet. It is usually best to buy or own your ATM as the surcharge revenue often pays for the machine in 1 year!

Example: Just 5 transactions per day at industry average $3 surcharge or convenience fee (same as banks now charge) = 5 x 31 days x $3 x 12 months = $5580 annually!

Operating an ATM is not as complicated as many people think. There are 3 main parts to deploying an ATM:

1. The ATM: who owns or pays for the equipment

2. Simple cash filling: who loads the bills into the ATM

3. Communication: how does ATM connect to Interac  network

The ATM needs only 4 sq ft and a regular electrical outlet. Most retail locations nowadays have high speed internet. Taking $20s from daily cash sales and quickly loading them into the secure ATM vault takes only minutes. And you save on the cash deposit fees your bank hits you with. All you need to do is decide how involved you want to be and pick a program. In order of participation required here are your options;

Own your ATM

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Cardholder’s Choice is happy to work with you and provide an ATM quickly, reliably with an ATM deal suited to your situation.