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Benefits of an ATM

Business benefits of an ATM are proven

What are the benefits of having an ATM?

Higher Sales

For cash-dependent businesses that operate by having their customers continually pay to be there, like many entertainment venues or bars, their ability to make money is directly related to how much money a customer has in his pocket. Having an ATM machine on-site allows that customer to keep spending money with little or no interruption. This doesn't just hold on to the customer. It also increases his average spending level. After all, if he's making a withdrawal from an ATM at your business, it's probably to spend money with you.

Higher Customer Retention

When a business lets you place an ATM in its location, it gets the benefit of being able to keep its customers inside. For customers that have an ATM card and either don't have a debit card or are unwilling to use it at a swipe terminal, the only way to complete a transaction is with cash. With an ATM in their location, the business prevents the customer from leaving and potentially not returning.

Generating Traffic

When an ATM is in a publicly-accessible location like a hotel lobby or a convenience store, it can also generate traffic. When a business has someone come in to use the ATM, it gains the opportunity to convert them into a customer for other goods or services. Strategically positioning the ATM to draw the customer into the store can increase the success rate of this strategy.

Credit and Debit Card Fees

When a customer uses an ATM, it doesn't cost you anything. ATMs don't charge you a swipe fee or a transaction fee -- they charge the person withdrawing the money. However, once your customer has cash, he's more likely to use it to buy from you than to use his credit card. This can reduce both your swipe fees and your merchant discount

  • ATM’s eliminate busy pay point tie ups

  • Eliminate credit risk.

  • ATM customers spend an average of 20 to 25% more than non-ATM customers.

  • Reduce Cost of accepting debit: Many businesses are charged up to $0.15 per debit transaction

  • Reduce Bank fess for cash deposits when you load your $20 bills into ATM they deposit electronically into your bank account with no fees.

  • ATMs can generate significant profits

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