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ATM is out of service Communication Error

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ATM is out of service Communication Error

D17XX -or TCPIP Timeout Communication errors

ATM displays a D1706 or TCPIP timeout error. This indicates ATM cannot connect to the Host and is offline.

First thing to check is that the ATM is plugged into the Ethernet or cellular modem. Unplug and re-seat cables firmly.

Second is to make sure local internet network is working or verify that the cellular modem has power and is connected. (note that cellular units have power on and signal lights, See Picture and detail below, check with ATM Support if you are not sure)

Reboot internet modem, cellular modem and ATM.

ATM should “Connect to Host” after reboot and screen will display “Insert Card” and card reader will flash to indicate where to insert card when ATM goes online. If error persists contact ATM Support 1-877-571-2867 or


DataMax TCPIP wires.jpg

Cellular DataMax

Make sure Power, antenna and Ethernet to ATM are plugged in. Lights are on, at least 1 of 4 lower signal level.

DataMax Ethernet Port Test

1) unplug phone and Ethernet cable from the unit.
2) unplug the power from the unit.
3) plug power back.
4) wait a bit and then plug the Ethernet cable from the ATM in to the unit.
5) If the "Ports Ready" continue to flush it means the Ethernet does not work. Contact us.