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ATM is out of service Printer Error

Quick links to FAQs and how to fix common error conditions

2001000 -Receipt Printer jam

Check that there is paper in the printer.

Check that the printer head is locked in place: a green lever releases the printer head for service and must be closed to operate,

If paper is spooling up inside the ATM check exit path for blockages, remove jammed paper and clear path,

If paper is jammed in printer head release printer head with Green lever and remove all paper debris.

A pair of tweezers or fine jewelers screw drive can be helpful.

The printer is easy to remove from the ATM for a closer look to clear a bad jam: Open the top of the ATM, remove the SINGLE Phillips “Star” screw under printer head holding the printer foot plate and slide the printer forward to release from anchors. Remove power and printer cable and you can work on printer and replace when cleared. Note (ATM will operate without printer but it is not recommenced to run ATM without a receipt printer)

Note: Newer model Hyosung ATMs will operate without receipt paper and offer client a QR code electronic receipt.



Remove Printer

Remove screw (circled) and push forward

If you have a really bad jam and you cannot open the printer head the cutter is likely stuck. You can fix by simply inserting a long thin “star head” Phillips screwdriver and turning the worm gear until the printer head releases. In the picture below you can see where the gear is located: on the top front of the printer on a sharp angle from top left to lower right looking at the front of the printer. You can turn either way left or right 10-20 turns and keep trying to release the printer head by pressing the green release lever. Once the printer head drops you can remove the paper shards, close the printer head by snapping it back up in place and load the paper.


To Clear Printer Head Jam

Printer has been removed from ATM, “star head” Phillips screw drier is inserted at sharp angle into top slot of printer head to turn white plastic worm gear.

Turn until Green release button can drop open the printer head. Clear paper shards, then click back up the printer head into place.

Re-install printer and load paper and you are good to go.