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Electronic Journal transaction records

Cardholder client issue: someone used your ATM and has a complaint or problem. Electronic Journal transaction records

Electronic Journal:

The ATM stores records of every transaction in the electronic journal. You can retrieve the transaction record from the ATM if the cardholder has lost the transaction receipt or you need a cash load record etc. Finding and Printing Journal records from a Hyosung ATM

Enter mgmt menu

1) Press F2 “Journal
2) Press F5 “View Journal
3) Press F8 “Search Journal
     enter number of the record you want to locate and press “enter”

NOTE: The ATM records a “J” number Interac is looking for the “Sequence number”
The “J” number will be close to but NOT match the “Sequence number”

So you then have to:

 Scroll up and down by +/- 50 records then use “Prev” or “Next” to find particular record with the desired “Sequence number”.

4) Press F4 “Print this
     Screen will display in red print
                    “Processing Please wait”
                     “Operation Successful”
5) Press “Cancel” to exit three times

Fax to 1-866-264-1176 or e-mail to

Note: in a case of a dispute the ATM Journal record is the final word.