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Load cash and balance your ATM

Load cash and balance your ATM

How to Load cash and balance your ATM

The ATM operator is responsible to  balance the cash filled into the ATM.

 These procedures will make it easy maintain an accurate cash balance.

 1.  At each cash replenishment Perform a “Cassette Total”  in Settlement menu 

This provides a report which you can print out for your records. It shows the starting cash fill, the number of bills dispensed since the last cassette close was performed, the number of reject events* and the expected number of bills remaining in the cash cassette.

 This report also sets the counters in the ATM to “0” /  ZERO. Effectively, you are telling the ATM that you are loading cash and balancing the cash totals.

 2. Open vault, count cash and add cash to cassette.

After doing the Cassette Total, now you open the vault and remove the cash cassette. You should count the bills and verify that the totals match the print out on the Cassette Total. Do not forget to include all rejected bills in the count. It is a good idea NOT to return rejected bills into the cassette, they may cause further jams or rejects.  Add the cash and note the TOTAL number of bills now in the cash Cassette. Return the cassette to the ATM and lock the vault.


3.  ADD Cash > Select Cassette 1 > Type number of notes, NOT $ value > Enter > Apply

 4. Optional: Perform a “Trial Cassette Total”.

This is similar to a Cassette Close but does NOT zero any totals. It simply confirms that you correctly entered the number of bills loaded and NOT the dollar amount. It also logs a record of the Trial Cassette Close in the Electronic journal for later auditing. You can print a report for your records.

5. Perform a “Day Total”.

This report calls into the Host switch and zeros the balances of transactions since the last Day Close. The Host Total should match the Terminal Total.

 If Host and Terminal Totals  do not match, an imbalance has occurred:

call 1-877-571-ATMS (2867)

Adding Cash: Hyosung ATMs

Enter Main menu with your assigned password after pressing Enter, Clear, Cancel, 1, 2, 3:

 Press F1 “Settlement” to enter Settlement Menu

 Perform a Day Total then a Cassette Total (retain receipts for future reference).

Press F1 “Add Cash
     Press F1 “1st CST
     Bill count box will become highlighted in yellow.
         type in the number of bills now in the cassette press “enter”.    

 Press F8 “Apply
    Screen will display in red print
                    “Processing Please wait”
                     “Operation Successful”
    A print out receipt will be produced.

 Press “Cancel” return to Settlement

 ALTERNATE: Quick Replenish Function

 NEW NH models offer “Quick Replenish” function which performs all of the steps and brings you to the “Add Cash in 1st CST” screen.

 To use Quick Replenish from Main Menu Press 3 on the keypad, Then “Yes” to confirm.

No need to enter Settlement menu and press each function.. all steps are automatically performed.

 The ATM will perform a Day Total, a Cassette Total and end up in the ADD Cash screen ready for you to input the number of bills you have inserted into the cash cassette.


* Each reject event can be from 1 to 7 notes.  Check reject bin for “missing” notes.