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Settlement or payment issue

Settlement or payment issue

You have a problem or question about ATM cash settlement or revenues

Settlement or payment issue

Your ATM settles daily at 9PM Eastern Standard Time regardless of whether you perform a Day Total. Its automatic,

You should see a daily next business day deposit to your account on your statement like;

“Miscellaneous Payment
TNS SMART NETWORK Direct Conne “ OR possibly like

“TNS-SN Direct C MSP”

You can easily verify your deposits from our 24/7 secure WebMon; at

On left hand margin goto Reporting > Online Reports > Deposit History for Account

You can select a date range and view on line or download Excel file. The deposit amounts will match 1:1 to your bank statement.


24 Hour secure

online reporting


Deposit History for Account

Breakdown of Deposits to funding accounts sourced from a Terminal over a date range


Easy Balance

1. Select date range

2. select account (your account comes up automatically unless you specified more than 1)

3. Choose report type

4. Get report. SIMPLE!