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Sign me Up for Plan 2: Easy Buy-in

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Sign me up for Plan 2: Easy Buy-in

Steps to get your ATM

It normally takes 1-3 business days to get the paperwork submitted and have your terminal delivered and installed.

To get your ATM going here is paper work we need:

  1. Void Cheque

  2. Plan 1 Free ATM Agreement

  3. Source of Funds Declaration Forms.
    > Void Cheque for Revenue settlement account
    > Void Cheque for Float Settlement if different from Revenue account
    > Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation
    > Drivers License

    Click here to download PDF of Source of Funds Declaration with colour coded letter to help you fill it out

Returned to rep, emailed to, texted to 416.305.3496 or faxed to 1.866.264.1176

Here is what you need on site to complete installation:

ATM requires a regular electrical outlet and Ethernet cable to your high speed internet. WiFi is not supported due to security reasons.

Another option is to buy or rent an optional cellular modem for communications. 

Less than 4 square feet of space.

About 30-60 minutes on site and you are up and running.

Compare 3 ATM Profit Plans based on an ATM location doing just 100 Transactions per month